If you working in a large team and your team is working on a multiple new modules, then you know the pain of resolving conflicts in Xcode project file each time you add new files to your project. I have been through this many years and finally I came across a tool named XcodeGen, in this article will look how this tool is helpful resolving our problem.

A bit of background

Every Xcode project has settings file .pbxproj contains all of the metadata about your project that Xcode uses to build it; the settings, the file references, configuration, targeted platforms, etc... This file is…

Apple has announced some new APIs and improvements for the XCTest framework in WWDC 2020. Let’s explore these in this article.

Improved error representation and stack traces for easy navigation

It’s very common to share code between test cases by refactoring common parts into re-usable functions. See the example below:

I have written a function to check that there are no white spaces in a string. In the above tests, the first one will fail and the second one will be a pass. Let’s see how Xcode 11.4 will display the error messages.

At WWDC 2020, Apple announced new changes to its Location services. This article covers these changes and the implications on the users.

To provide some background before moving on to these changes, when an app asks for location permission before iOS 14, there were three possible actions that the user could take.

  1. Allow the app to always access your location data
  2. Allow the app access to location data only when it is in use
  3. Disable location permission for the app

Location sharing and implications

If the user opts for actions 1 or 2, the app’s owners are able to access the user’s exact location…

Quite often we may want to test drive the new features of a beta version of Swift, but as shown below, Xcode doesn’t support this out of the box.

Praveen Kumar

iOS engineer at Aleph Labs

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